Training Methodology

Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.

Interactive Group discussions, Activities/ Games, Audio & Video session, Live Case Study Pre & Post Evaluation are also part of the programme.

The Corporate training methodology deals with the methods aimed to design and implement training. It must be separated from the “method” because it can be defined as a body of practices, procedures and rules used by those who work following a “discipline”. The method can be define as a means or a way of proceeding, regularly and systematically to achieve something; “Feeling the road traced.

Training Evaluation & Effectiveness

Before the Programme

Display a high colored printed poster (Designed in A3 size) to create the inquisitiveness for the programme.

During the Programme

A pre test  at the start of the programme and a post test during the end of the programme (questionnaire).

After the Programme

A self evaluation check list to check the implementation along with the superiors signature before the start of next module.